Our History

Identity and Mission of the "Dimesse" of Padua

The Institute of the Dimesse Sisters, Daughters of Mary Immaculate, was founded in 1579 by the Venerable Father Antonio Pagani in Vicenza (born in Venice in 1526) with the following characteristics:

  • A way of life - in conformity with the Crucified Christ in the free gift of self, in humility, simplicity and joy;
  • Experience the fraternal communion and mutual support to walk toward God, in truth


  • Teach the truth of the Gospel to every category of persons
  • Orient the youngsters in their choice of life with activities for a continuing formation
  • Animate the lay associations in the parishes, Comfort the sick and the suffering materially and spiritually

Educational projects and inspiring principles


In accordance with the Constitution of the Congregation and the laws of the State, the schools of the "Dimesse" proceed to serve the following objectives:

  • To form the person and the citizen in truth and in awareness, that is, in freedom
  • To help the ex-students to maintain their proper originality and to acquire a definite identity in front of a changing social context
  • To help them understand the value of simplicity, sobriety and solidarity
  • To acquire the existential values connected to the plan of salvation that God, the Father Creator has established for each creature

About St. Mary’s English Medium School

Nestled and cradled up in the lap of a hillock at the heart of Mavoor having a panoramic view of nature, surrounded by lush green coconut palms on either side , awakened by the river Chaliyar flowing close by ST.MARY'S ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL ,MAVOOR welcomes all who approaches her with guile . The pine trees at the entrance render the school an aesthetic touch, lending a warm, beautiful, friendly and effective learning atmosphere. Her neatness, cleanliness more over the disciplined school premises are admired by parents and well wishers. ... The pupils who come under her patronage are nourished by the colorful memories in their each step. Unless a grain of wheat falls and dies it would not bear fruit. (These words from the bible are true to its core) The long years of our dream has come true now. Yes, a lot of struggles have been waged to bear the fruit Nothing can vanish from history except becoming a part of it. In 1984THE DIMESSE Sisters opened a nursery school attached to the little flower church. This nursery school was formerly known as “Little Flower Nursery School” .After two years it has been shifted to the courtyard of Vimalayalam Convent. Mean while there was a great need and pressure from the well-wishers in the locality to start an English Medium School. Considering their request and desire and the need of the hour this existing building came up in 1984. As St.Mary is the patron of our congregation this school should be known in the name of Mary Immaculate. Thus the Little Flower Nursery School has been converted to 'St.Mary's English Medium School'. In 2009 the school had been upgraded following CBSE syllabus and accordingly the required land has been acquired for the expansion. During the 2012-2013 STD 7th has been started. Now we have completed 20 years service in the field of Education from humble beginnings. At present there are more than four hundred pupils studying in the school comprising from play school to STD to VII. There are sixteen members on the staff and five non teaching staff besides there are part time teachers for P.T, Music, Dance, Karate and Instrumental Music. The school P.T.A is very supporting and co-operative in all our activities with effective participation. The executive committee members are elected on the basis of consensus and they always extend their help as and when required. The executive meets at least once in a month to evaluate the activities and formulate future action plans. We have great pleasure and we are very humble to announce that we have acquired the recognition from the Govt: to apply for CBSE affiliation to the school after a long strenuous effort and waiting. We received the NOC for CBSE affiliation last November as per order No. G.O 378/2012/22/11/12 This academic year we have carried out a number of important measures to tone up the entire working of the school. A new Digital Class room has been equipped with multimedia facilities and projector to enhance the quality of teaching learning activities. Another far reaching activity is the setting up of new computer lab with 28 computers providing a system for two pupils at a time with multimedia facilities and projector. All the systems are aligned on network with internet connection. This would facilitate pupils to have access to any new information and knowledge helps them for better learning. For the next academic year we have already formulated some action plans to take the school to a greater heights. The work for a good play ground with facilities for playing football and volley ball has already been commenced. Plans are afoot for setting up of three science laboratories, a good digitalized library and reading rooms during the next academic year. Our motto “The Heavenly bliss is infinite and we trust again in His providence” to guide us in our march forward".